“Painappuru! Best Friends!” completes the Kinetic Grand Championship

This year Team Pineapple built a new, 4-person kinetic sculpture, and we chose the theme “Painappuru,” which is the Japanese word for pineapple. We looked fresh and shiny at the Plaza, and made a good start of it, but soon enough, bolts started dropping off, and lock nuts started unscrewing themselves… (All photos by Kelsea Miranda Cooper)

beginning by kelsea


We struggled in the sand, and finally chose to give up our ACE, after I destroyed my sand tires completely.


We emerged at the top, after a lot of pushing and pulling, and then killed it down Deadman’s Drop, our pontoons slowed us down the whole way.


On the second day, Bob wanted to make a big splash, but we found out that the vehicle was better at hydroplaning than anything else…

splash by kelsea


On Day 3, we pushed and pulled some more, and made it to the Eel. We made it across, despite the strong current that was sweeping other vehicles out to sea.

via kelsea day 3

We finally made it, with all our pieces, to Ferndale. For The Glory!


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