Wheels of Dharma at the Kinetic Grand Championship

Winning first and second place trophies in Engineering, Art, and Speed, Team Pineapple wowed the citizens of Arcata, Eureka, Ferndale and later Corvallis with their kinetic sculpture Wheels of Dharma.  An homage to Dawn’s fondly remembered Pakistani Uncle Noel, who taught religious studies UC Santa Cruz, the art features a nodding Ganesh, Kali, and Hanuman. Each deity holds a special place in the hearts of various team members.

Other teams and racers eagerly poured over the rig, admiring its construction featuring lightweight and inexpensive, low toxicity materials. Some innovations include drive gears that are also brake rotors (“sprotors”) and hollow, massively buoyant pontoons of insulation foam, fabric, and paint. Art fabrication includes techniques borrowed from Cosplay costume makers.

Our reverence for Hindu Culture captured the heart of Isaac Bluefoot who bestowed the Paranormal Award to Wheels of Dharma.

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